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Company news

Casting national products and creating a world name Huawu shares grandly held the tenth anniversary celebration of listing

On December 12, 2020, the factory of Huawu Co., Ltd. was decorated with lanterns and bright lights. With the theme of "casting national quality products and creating world famous brands", the 10th anniversary celebration of the listing of Huawu Co., Ltd. was solemnly held in the company's staff home.

Huawu shares and Weihua group sign strategic cooperation agreement

On October 15, 2020, Weihua group's supplier strategic cooperation centralized signing ceremony was solemnly held in Changyuan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhao Junwei, deputy secretary and mayor of Changyuan municipal Party committee; Song Taijun, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of the Management Committee of Changyuan industrial agglomeration district; Yan Lei, member of the Standing Committee and director of the office of Changyuan municipal Party committee; Chen Wei, deputy mayor of Changyuan city; Jing Xiaobo, executive vice chairman of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association; Shen Bo, deputy director of the information center of machinery industry and general manager of China machine economy network; and Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Weihua group Yu Youfei, general manager of Weihua group, long Hongxin, general manager of Huawu group, Cao Mingsheng, representatives of 51 suppliers of Weihua group and some end customers were invited to attend the signing ceremony.

Increase investment in intelligent equipment to improve welding quality

In order to ensure the welding quality of brake structural parts, improve the welding stability and continuous 24-hour labor productivity, four welding robot workstations have been put on line. Each workstation is composed of a Panasonic robot body, a robot control cabinet, a full digital pulse welding power supply, a transformer and two sets of turnover positioners. Each station has an H-type layout, and station a is used for loading and unloading parts , B station welding, B station up and down parts, a station welding, cycle in turn, make full use of the effective time of the robot, improve the production rhythm.
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