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Technological innovation
Technological innovation

Hua Wuhong on Zhenhua 2500t seagoing wind level ship

The 2500t bottom sitting offshore wind power installation vessel is a new type of wind power installation platform developed by Zhenhua heavy industry for Jiangsu Longyuan Zhenhua Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. It has a length of 100m, a width of 48m, a depth of 48m, a draught of 9m, a maximum working depth (including tide height) of 50m, a lifting height of 120m, a leg diameter of 4m, a leg length of 80 + 20m, and a rated lifting capacity of 4500t, The maximum support capacity of single leg is 9000t.

Signal form selection and failure protection of proximity switch

The company issued a letter "about the configuration regulation of inductive proximity switch". In the regulation, the factory configuration of RL / CL is required to adopt normally open no mode, and the factory configuration of WL and HL is required to adopt normally closed NC mode. Some people are not clear about the reason why this configuration is adopted, and occasionally there are some cases that do not conform to the regulation The relationship between the selection of switch signal form and failure protection is explained.

Discussion on hydraulic system of wind turbine braking device

Wind power generation is a promising new energy industry in China in recent ten years. At the end of 2010, China has become the largest wind power country in the world with installed capacity. In large-scale wind turbine, the realization of yaw system, main shaft braking and wind wheel locking depends on the hydraulic system with small volume and large function. Hydraulic technology has been widely used in the field of wind power generation.
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