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Jiangxi Huawu brake Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Huawu Co., Ltd.) was established in 1992, mainly engaged in R & D, design, manufacture and sales of industrial brake and its control system. At present, the company is a professional manufacturer and solution provider of industrial brake system with large domestic production scale, complete product variety, wide industry coverage and strong independent innovation ability.


Products are widely used in port, rail transit, wind power generation, metallurgy, mining and construction machinery, water conservancy and power engineering, shipbuilding and marine heavy industry, oil drilling and other industries, and a large number of supporting exports to 92 countries and regions around the world.

  • 1992


    Founded in 1992

  • 384


    It covers an area of 384 mu

  • 92


    Exports to 92 countries

  • A


    Domestic A-share listed companies

Brand Quality

Leading the development direction of China's industrial brake technology, providing users with perfect braking scheme.


HW is not only a supplier of products, but also a provider of technical solutions. Thanks to more than 20 years of practical experience, we can provide users with optimized and economical design scheme. To produce all kinds of non-standard products for users, fully meet the specific needs of customers. We sincerely cooperate with customers, and constantly promote the development and progress of industrial brakes.

 Production platform
 Production platform
 Production platform

Production Platform

Huawu has a variety of sophisticated professional CNC processing equipment, advanced production technology, reasonable and efficient production process layout, high degree of automation, complete test and detection equipment, and is at the international advanced level. Advanced manufacturing technology and professional hardware facilities effectively ensure the processing accuracy and product quality of industrial brakes, and play an important role in improving the quality of the company's products, especially high-end complex products.


In the process of product manufacturing, the company vigorously promotes the application of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, increases the pace of R & D and application of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new tooling, and strengthens the company's leading position in the industry.

Customer Distribution


Huawu products have entered nearly 300 terminals in 92 countries and regions around the world


1. China 2. China Hong Kong 3. China Taiwan 4. Canada 5. U.S. 6. Mexico 7. Jamaica 8. Dominica 9. Puerto Rico 10. Panama 11. Venezuela 

12. Brazil. 13. Uruguay 14. Argentina 15. Chile 16. Peru 17. Ecuador 18. Colombia 19. United Kingdom 20. France 21. Belgium 22. Netherlands

23. Germany 24. Denmark 25. Sweden 26. Poland 27. Portugal 28. Spain 29. Italy 30. Malta 31. Greece 32. Turkey 33. Romania 34. Ukraine

35. Russia 36. ​​Croatia 37. Norway 38. Morocco 39. Senegal 40. Liberia 41. Côte d'Ivoire 42. Ghana 43. South Africa 44. Madagascar

45. Mauritius 46. Tanzania 47. Kenya 48. Djibouti 49. Sudan 50. Egypt 51. Libya 52. Angola 53. Nigeria 54. Guinea 55. Togo 56. Cameroon

57. Benin 58. Congo-Brazzaville 59. Namibia 60. Lebanon 61. Jordan 62. Saudi Arabia 63. Oman 64. UAE 65. Bahrain 66. Iraq 67. Iran

68. Pakistan 69. India 70. Sri Lanka 71. Bangladesh 72. Myanmar 73. Thailand 74. Vietnam 75. Malaysia 76. Singapore 77. Indonesia

78. Philippines 79. South Korea 80. Japan 81. Papua New Guinea 82. Australia 83. New Zealand 84. Cuba 85. Bahamas 86. Costa Rica

87. Cambodia 88. Tunisia 89. Reunion 90. New Caledonia 91. Honduras 92. Sierra Leone

 Jiangxi Huawu Brake Co., Ltd.


 Jiangxi Huawu Brake Co., Ltd.

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