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From 1992 to 1995

In 1992

Fengcheng Lifting Appliance Factory was founded;

In 1993

Huawu successfully developed the new MWZ series electromagnetic brake, YTD/MYT2 series electro-hydraulic thruster, YW series electro-hydraulic drum brake, all of which have passed the technical appraisal;

YTD/MYT2 series electro-hydraulic thruster won the award of Excellent New Products of Jiangxi Province;

In 1994

Huawu products successfully entered the market and achieved sales revenue of more than 500,000 yuan;


From 1996 to 2000

In 1997

Huawu moved into the third industrial zone of Fengcheng Xincheng District;

Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of China's port machinery, conducted a comprehensive inspection of Huawu in order to replace imported brakes;

In 1998

Signed a 20-year production technology agreement with Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd. (now Zhenhua Heavy Industries);

The enterprise realized overall restructuring, and registered and established "Jiangxi Huawu Crane Electric Co., Ltd.";

In 2000

Huawu was approved to carry out import and export business, and its products began to be exported to overseas markets;


From 2001 to 2005

In 2001

Huawu has completed the development of more than ten series and more than 300 types of new products, and successfully put them on the market;

In 2002

Huawu signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., both parties jointly registered and established a joint venture named as  "Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (Group) Fengcheng Brake Co., Ltd."; “Frequency-Conversion Speed-Regulating Hydraulic Disc Brake” and “Full Automatic Maintenance-Free Electro-Hydraulic Drum Brake” were awarded the “Certificate for National Key New Product”;

In 2003

For the first time, the sales revenue of Huawu ranked the first in brake industry;

In 2004

The sales revenue of Huawu were up to more than 100 million yuan;

In 2005

Huawu was approved to set up "Jiangxi Province Industrial Brake Engineering Technology Center";

Huawu held the 3rd enlarged meeting of the second National Technical Committee on Crane Standardization. Five brake industry standards drafted by Nie Chunhua, chief engineer of Huawu, were approved;


From 2006 to 2010

In 2006

Huawu changed its name to "Jiangxi Huawu Lifting Electric Appliance (Group) Co., Ltd." Five industry standards, including JB/T7020-2006 Electro-Hydraulic Disc Brake drafted by Nie Chunhua, were approved and officially issued;

In 2007

Set up a "preparatory group for the listing of the company";

In 2008

Huawu completed the share restructuring, changed its name to "Jiangxi Huawu Brake Co., Ltd." and started the listing project;

In 2009

A new management team was set up;

Huawu has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise;

In 2010

Huawu successfully listed on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Code: 300095) and directly raised 400 million yuan from the capital market;

Huawu moved into Fengcheng industrial park, the factory now covers an area of 384 mu, becoming a larger brake manufacturing base in the world;

"YP Type Large-Torque Electro-Hydraulic Disc Brake" was awarded the “Certificate for National Key New Products”; 

Huawu set up a project to research and develop brake systems equipped on wind turbines;

From 2011 to 2015

In 2011

Huawu was awarded as a High-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Program;

Brake system for MW class wind power generation equipment independently researched and developed by Huawu has completed the type test certification and successfully installed for operating;

In 2012

Set up the wholly-owned subsidiaries: Beijing Huawu Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Lihua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.;

Set up Shanghai R & D Center and Shanghai Branch;

In 2013

Invested Wuhu Jinmao Fluid Technology Co., Ltd, held shares 43.99%;

Acquired 60%  shares of Inner Mongolia Tiancheng Trading Co., Ltd. and entered the field of wind power operation and maintenance;

Huawu implemented stock incentive plan;

Two national/industrial standards, GB/T30221-2013 Test Method for Energy Efficiency of Industrial Brakes and JB/T7019-2013 Brake Wheel and Brake Disc of Industrial Brakes, drafted by Nie Chunhua, were approved and officially issued;

In 2014

Huawu introduced academician Wen Shizhu and his scientific research team, and was approved to set up "Academician Workstation of Jiangxi Huawu brake Co., Ltd.";

Invested in Shanghai Huawu Xingli Fluid Control Co., Ltd, held shares 43%;

Acquired 54.53% shares of Shanghai Pangfeng Rail Transit Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., started to launch the field of  rail transit braking system;

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Siemens, Germany, became a global supplier of Siemens;

Huawu successfully held the wind power annual conference of the National Agricultural Machinery Association, and the annual sales revenue of wind power products exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time;

In 2015

Implemented the project on non-public issuance of shares, raising 400 million yuan, launching the rail transit project officially, and stepping into the rail transit brake system market thoroughly;

Implemented employee stock ownership plan, improve the benefit sharing and risk sharing mechanism between employees and Huawu, enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of Huawu, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and realize the sustainable development of Huawu;

The registered trademark of "Huawu" has been recognized as China’s well-known trademark by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce;

Huawu acquired 45.47% shares of the subsidiary "Shanghai Pangfeng Rail Transit Equipment Technology Co., Ltd." and integrated and renamed it as "Huawu Rail Transit Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.", which has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huawu;


From 2016 to 2020

In 2016

Wholly acquired 100% shares of Sichuan Ande Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2017

Shenzhen Lemyth Technology Co., Ltd.

Two industry standards, Electromagnetic Disc Brake and Wind-resistant Braking Device for Lifting Appliances, drafted and formulated by Huawu, were approved and officially issued.

Technology Center of Huawu was approved as "Jiangxi Provincial Enterprise Technology Center".

In 2018

Acquired 51% shares of Changsha Tianying Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd;

In 2019

The national standard GB/T 5031-2019 Tower Crane drafted by our company was released;

Acquired 90% shares of Switzerland Furka Friction Lining Co., Ltd;

HDB31 electro-hydraulic disc brake was awarded the second prize of "Jiangxi Industrial Design Competition" product group.

In 2020

According to the company’s annual report, the operating revenue in 2019 is 1.074 billion yuan, exceeding 1 billion yuan  for the first time;

Huawu and Yichun Mobile Company formally signed the "5G Smart Factory" strategic cooperation agreement

"Industrial Equipment, Transportation Vehicle Transmission Safety Engineering Technology Innovation Platform" of Huawu was selected as the national platform reserve.

Huawu  and Weihua Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement.


From 2021  to 2025



 Jiangxi Huawu Brake Co., Ltd.


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